Remembering Dr. Schmidt and honoring his work.

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Dr. Schmidt, a doctor of chiropractic, was a health care professional who treated, taught and encouraged his patients to strive for optimal health and wellness. His practice encompassed two and four legged patients.

A life-long learner and teacher, he is considered a cornerstone of animal chiropractic. He authored several books on his information and techniques.

“I first met Dr. William Schmidt at an AVCA conference in Houston Texas in 2007. I attended one of his labs in which he demonstrated his rib, sternal, and wither, and thoracic adjustments on a horse. I was amazed at his observation skills, light technique, and effective therapy.

I traveled to Hot Springs Arkansas in the spring of 2009 to shadow Dr. Schmidt working on thoroughbreds at the racetrack. There I observed him working on the entire horse. He taught me how to adjust tight iliopsoas muscles which can really help free up the hind limb. His amazing instruction and guidance helped shape my future as an animal chiropractic doctor. I cannot thank him enough, and it was very sad to hear of his passing away, he was iconic.” – A personal tribute from a DVM colleague and student

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The vast majority of horses have sternum and rib misalignment which effects, among other things, their ability to breathe, lack of drive off the front and rear ends or inability to stop. For correction the center of rotation has got to be followed so as not to hurt yourself or the animal.

Animal Chiropractic: The Visual Workbook

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This Visual Workbook was designed for anyone who ever asked the question “How can I tell if my pet needs a chiropractic adjustment?”

Besides the diagnostic use of acupuncture this book addresses, discusses and demonstrates (two hour DVD enclosed) embryological and sympathy points unknown and unpublished until this time that will excite many animal chiropractors who want to improve their diagnosis skills.

By using his acupuncture education Dr. Schmidt was able to advance his diagnostic treatment abilities for horses. Those doctors interested in learning these subtle indicators should have an acupuncture certification. New students should be able to feel the aperture points.

Small Animal Chiropractic Adjusting DVD

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Filmed to show the ease and thus importance of light palpation and light adjusting.

Equine Chiropractic Adjusting DVD

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Filmed at a racetrack in Chicago, Illinois for Lloyds of London; it is setting the standards for light palpation and light adjusting.

Schmidt BULLS DVD Cover


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For those of you who take my course, the bulls are treated the same as any other animal. Light palpation and the angle of adjustment are primary. Due to the dangerous nature of a bull, generally they are adjusted in stocks. The adjustments may have to be altered so as not to be caught between the stocks and the animal.