Cooking Without White Flour and Sugar

Mrs. William L. Schmidt – $20.00 plus S/H

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Learning to feed yourself is more than mastering how to use a knife, fork and spoon. And learning to eat healthier is more than knowing the way to the closest fast food restaurant or the “healthy” frozen entrees in the frozen food section of your neighborhood supermarket—its knowing how to prepare meals that are not only better for you from a caloric standpoint, but are healthier for you as well.

According to the British Medical Society, this is the first generation in history to where the parents are expected to outlive their children due to poor eating habits. Why? Because in the two parent working home, or in the single parent home, fast food and carryout; or frozen entrees flavored with chemical preservatives have become a kitchen staple even though preparing your own meals really doesn’t take much more time—and they taste better…and are much healthier to enjoy.

What COOKING WITHOUT WHITE FLOUR OR SUGAR teaches you—in addition to dozens of healthy recipes, is how to substitute healthier and perhaps even more tasty ingredients in your own family recipes as well. Cooking without sugar means creating naturally-sweetened desserts like our delicious brownies that you will fi ght for—without sugar or artificial sweetners. Yet, they are naturally sweeter than sugar.

Green diet? Yeast diet? No carb diet? All carb diet? High protein diet? Low protein diet? Try the “my own kitchen” diet. It’s time you started to enjoy eating again by simply changing some of the ingredients you put in the food you prepare—and enjoy healthier results.